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How's the Pain?

(Comment va la douleur?)

Pascal Garnier
Emily Boyce

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11th June 2012
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13th May 2014
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Worldwide : Exclusive
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Death is Simon's business. And now the ageing vermin exterminator is preparing to die. But he still has one last job down on the coast, and he needs a driver.


Death is Simon’s business. And now the ageing vermin exterminator is preparing to die. But he still has one last job down on the coast and he needs a driver.

Bernard is twenty-one. He can drive and he’s never seen the sea. He can’t pass up the chance to chauffeur for Simon, whatever his mother may say.

As the unlikely pair set off on their journey, Bernard soon finds that Simon’s definition of vermin is broader than he’d expected...

Veering from the hilarious to the horrific, this offbeat story from master stylist, Pascal Garnier, is at heart an affecting study of human frailty.


As featured on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour. Listen here

As featured in The Lady, the Daily Express and the Daily Mail

'A must-read for beauty addicts' Sunday Times Style

'Riveting. Helena's rags-to-riches story is the stuff of romantic fiction' Hello

'This vivid account pops with fascinating detail and reads like fiction. Wonderfully, it isn't.' Elle

‘As flawless as Helena Rubinstein’s skin and as captivating as the Polish-born Jewish beauty magnate’s 70-year reign, this brilliant biography stands as a fascinating history of ‘make-up’.’ Australian Women’s Weekly

‘This biography recreates the legend behind the businesswoman, which lies at the heart of so many of the quests of important women during the twentieth century.’ Marie-Claire

‘Required reading’ Vogue

'This globe trotting biography is both epic and intimate as it befits the woman it calls 'the Polish Scarlett O'Hara'' More magazine

'Informed, informative, insightful, entertaining, and highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library biography collections' Midwest Book Review

'Fitoussi proves that fact is more astonishing than legend.' Booklist

'Engaging biography … The lively prose brings life to Rubinstein’s “impossible character”' Publishers Weekly