The People in the Photo

Coming Soon the People in the PhotoNarrated in letter form, The People in the Photo tells the story of Parisian archivist Hélène and Swiss biologist Stéphane and their quest to discover the truth about their parents, pictured together at a tennis tournament in Interlaken in 1971, a year before Hélène’s mother’s death.

We sent advance proofs to members of our mailing list; here is a selection of their comments so far:

This is a novel about love, disappointment, secrets, lies, commitments and forgiveness. If you want to know whether it’s “unputdownable”, well, I read it in one sitting. Highly recommended.’ Sue Creed
‘A charming and gentle novel about memory, acceptance and forgiveness … Beautifully and lyrically written, but never sentimental or overly romantic, this is a heart-warming book’ Mandy Jenkinson
‘I absolutely loved it … easy to read, fast paced and extremely interesting … I was so engrossed in it on my way home on the tube that twice I missed my stop!’ Maureen Julian
‘Very engaging and accessible … The People in the Photo should appeal to anyone who is interested in family history and the puzzling possibilities of photographs’ Lesley Styles
‘A page-turner … I got involved with the characters and the mystery of their past.  I liked the correspondence format and it was well-crafted, unfolding the story bit by bit’ Janice Brown
‘I was so involved in their quest that I could not stop turning the pages and I read the book in a day. This is a moving story of love lost and love found, a tragic past and a hopeful future. Its final words will linger in my mind.’ Jean Marshall
‘It held my attention well throughout and I was kept guessing to the very end.’ Sylvia Davies
‘I really enjoyed this book….. It has a love story (or two), history and mystery all rolled in to one ! I found it hard to put down and read it over a couple of days. Very unusual and highly enjoyable.’ Helen Bennewith
‘I would recommend it to anyone who likes history’ Emma Howie

 With thanks to our newsletter subscribers for sharing their thoughts on the book.

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